Apr 23, 2010



Okay, i found this site a minute ago, and that's how it works:
Its VERY EASY to get money, you are dont obligated to make "something" everyday, its more easy and you monthly get paid.

-What is jm&gold?

It's an investments platform where you can earn money by purchasing gold and silver bars and getting a monthly income for life. The more bars you have, the more you will earn per month.

How can I get the bars?

- Purchasing them through any of our payment options.
- Every 1000 ads views will give you 1 silver bar.
- Every 50 referrals will give you 1 silver bar.

Do I get paid for viewing ads?

You will earn 1 silver bar for every 1000 ads viewed. Every silver bar will give you a monthly income of 20%, which means $5 of monthly payment for life.

I'm new, where do I begin?

We want that everybody has the oportunity to earn, that's why we offer silver bars which are cheaper. You can also earn bars by getting referrals and viewing ads. On time you will have the availability to earn more bars and money.

Is there a bars purchase limit?

The maximum amount of bars per purchse is 10 gold bars, that is, $500. You can make as much purchases as you like per day. There's no limit on how many bars you can own.

When are the stas updated?

Every 30th day of each month your account will be automatically updated, calculating the income of your bars.

When can I cash out?

You can cashout whenever you like, as long as you have reached the minimum of $5. Regular members get their payment 7 business days after the cashout is placed. Honor members get their payment within 24 hours, no matter if it's weekend or holydays.

Can I own more than 1 account?

No. We don't allow to have multiples accounts at gemsdollar. If you lost your login info, you can request to be sent to your email. If you get caught having multiples accounts (we perform a very stric anti-fraud process before each cashout) your accounts and IP address will be banned and you won't be able to receive any further payments.


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