Mar 19, 2010

10 Reasons Why You Suck As An Employee

Your more concerned about job titles than you are about achieving anything
Your willing to complain but never offer resolution

When it comes to doing business and working in the professional world one would only hope that they would be hoping to work with professional business people that aid in the success of the company you work for, however finding that kind of help in today's day and age is no easy task. I wanted to write a quick post about some of the frustrations of dealing with your bottom feeders or bottom 5%'ers, because as any manager or business ownerknows the bottom 5%'ers can often work very hard at disguising how much they really suck
Instead of writing the article from a manager or business owners point of view of what makes a great employee and how to achieve that, I decided to take the time to point out some key reasons to actual employees about why they suck as an employee. Who knows maybe pointing out some of the things that most mature business professionalsalready know for some of the more confused might actually help the confused to excel in their position and strive to actually be useful for one of the companies they work for.

Chances are that most of the bottom feeders or bottom 5% folks will look at the list of 10 things that make an employee suck and feel as if none of those things pertain to them, you will find in the business world that some of the most worthless associates you have ever worked with will constantly tell you how friggin great they are. Hey, at least I am willing to try to help them out and help them grow.
10 Reasons You Suck as an Employee
Your more concerned about job titles than you are about achieving anything
Your willing to complain but never offer resolution
You think the entire company revolves around you
You have no idea what any of the policies are
You fail to do your job, but still expect to be treated like your gods gift
You spend more time running your mouth than actually doing anything useful
You need to have Mommy and Daddy medal in your job
You fail to realize a paycheck is something you EARN, it's not something GIVEN
You think by bitching and crying to your friends that it will help, it won't
You forget your job descriptionand fail to do your job
There are endless reasons that an employee can suck, in many cases it's actually the business's fault that an employee sucks and really doesn't fall on the employee at all. This of course starts with the hiring process and practices of that company, if you do not have a sound hiring process you will almost always end up with an employee that sucks.
Now here's where all of you come in to play, what business tips can you offer to other business owners and managers that might help them with hiring the right staff members instead of hiring a bunch of bottom feeders? Leave a comment and share your knowledge with everyone here, I would love to see what I can learn from all of you.

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